Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She Might Have it ALL

Bossypants (i finally read it) --Tina Fey's book seems so effortlessly written, like Hey, anyone can write a funny book! Liz Lemon can't seem to "have it all," but Tina Fey has it all plus some... Makes me kinda want to live in nyc.  Living there is like being in the running, even if you're not winning--or you can pretend anyway.  Tina Fey also reminds me of Emi.  I think I "entered her blog" (two summers in a row, shelled out to go to Stockholm) because I wanted her life so bad.  Check it out, it's not just me!  Her blog is blissful fantasy, beautiful escape... but it's actually her REAL LIFE.  
omg, I just went to her site (haven't been in a long while) and saw that she was featured in Swedish Elle...what the WHAT?? her life just gets better and better! ok, i wanna be Emi more than Tina Fey, it's decided.  But all that running... sheez.

AAAAGHH!!  see what happens? the irresistible inspirational/depressive combo-tug of emi's blog.  An hour just passed in like 2 seconds. You know,  "lftec" is not reflective of her writing here...Maybe it should be: "Real Notes on Happiness".  I really feel like taking notes when I read it. ok, must resist escapist fantasist non-reality reality and return to...reality.

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