Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best of Facebook

Thank you, Ann, for posting so many day-brighteners!  I haven't been to NY in two years (!), but next time for sure, I'm meeting your kiddies!
Of course Facebook has cute kids galore, but here ya go, the cutest, personality+ (EXUBERANT!) pretty little sisters in NY:

Can we bottle this ?  I'd buy it!

Carolina--so fashionable, non? Is she wearing Missoni?

Just a great picture--dog bigger than Elisa, the awesome headband!

ANN! One of the Great MOMS.
(Sorry I didn't include Nacho, one of the Great DADS!)


  1. Lisa, you have to visit us the next time and pop into this other world...the world where mornings are about cartoons and waffles, park time and preschool, and afternoons are about naps and more playgrounds, time bitching with other moms about the drudgery, never letting on these are the best years (and hardest) of our lives.