Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Y B a B Corp?

We are in the business of preserving and improving human life.  All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.
From the Merck (founded 1891) Internal Management Guide, 1989

This post is a kind of a Part 2 to my previous post:
Can you imagine a company like Merck, staying true to their core ideology for more than 100 years?  
I am inspired by all the ideas in Built to Last.  

We have decided to be a Benefit Corp ("B Corp"), to be held to the highest standards of public benefit, monitored by a third party. 
Here's what B Lab says: 
Benefit Corporations are a new class of corporation that are required by law to create a material positive impact on society and the environment and to meet higher standards of accountability and transparency.

Profile Health Systems (We make products that personalize healthcare and help you make the best decisions about your health) will be the first Delaware B Corp -- the law will be signed on July 17th

Our Mission: 

Through social entrepreneurship, spirit of cooperation, and a dedication to people over profits:
  • Give everyone in the world access to, and benefit from, the sum of all health knowledge.
  • Provide an intelligent health management system whose logic evolves from impartial crowd-sourced data input, providing personalized guidance to help people understand and take control of their health.
  • Help healthcare providers engage and empower their patients — improve communication, diagnosis, and follow-up, while reducing the workload on providers and lowering healthcare costs.
  • Strive to cause no harm to people or the environment and improve the health of both.
  • Illuminate the connections between personal and environmental health and enable our patients to take action to improve the health of both.

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