Tuesday, July 14, 2009

for my friends

NEW DESK AREA. (i still wish i knew how to format this better. i'm an idiot. can someone give me tips?) anyway, this is my desk. i've noticed that even tho' i've not been in this apt for a month yet, it's already kind of cluttery, non? also..
1) notice KEEPCALM poster (admired in cool shop in SF, look: upper right corner, and sent to me by v. cool person JV)
2) notice cute japanesey print in best salmon color (complete with kitty on a leash, robot that looks like cellphone and cute curli-que antenna, and girl/boy (doesn't matter in cute world) with striped hair.) that was limited edition (may 2009) purchase from sycamorestreetpress. i would never have known about its cuteness and perfection without the clever flawless eye of my friend KVA who has an inspirational blog---she knows real beauty (and can cause you to run up your CC in pursuit of it, to capture for your own apartment).

3) SQUIRREL CLIPS--helpful squirrels to hold your papers together (also credit, JV and her new west-coast-surreal-bananas-drinking-cognac lifestyle)

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