Saturday, July 25, 2009

i need routine like air/ COMIC-CON 08

i told my friend i was going to visit him in cleveland tomorrow but i just never got the ticket. cleveland is just not that motivating. i went there once and i have no recollection except for snow and cold. no, that's just an easy excuse.. cleveland is just so blameable, an easy fall guy, just like saint louis, oh and maybe detroit. AS DR. HOUSE said--offering proof of the absence of an afterlife or heaven--"I don't need to go to Detroit to know it STINKS." haha.
this summer is difficult for me. i'm not complaining, really. this is my own specific challenge that maybe you would not identify with, perhaps at all. actually, i hope you don't resent me. when every day is a murky amorphous blob, i hyperventilate. figuratively (most of the time). self-doubt is at an all-time high. i think this will be deleted after i write it. but who knows? i may not be able to make a decision. (indecision is also at all-time high).

COMIC-CON sounds fun this year. (why oh why didn't i just stay an extra week!??) i'd like to see the hello kitty/darth vader guy (girl?) and various character-morphs (obamawankenobi, last year) wandering around. last year was fun. i thought it was just for comic book/anime/ gaming nerds; i didn't expect to see celebrities-- also didn't know it'd be so fun to see them--but they're all hanging around in san diego during comic-con, promoting their fall shows and doing panels, or i don't know, just hanging out. my aunt and her fam go every year. i tagged along last year (i got it in through sneaky but legal, i think, strategery) and i admit it was really fun. chewbacca and barack obama and even an UNI (yes, giant sea urchin harrassing people at the crosswalk) walking on the sidewalks like it's no big deal. it was FUN to catch glimpses of harold and kumar (john cho and kal penn), kristin chenoweth, ned from pushing daisies (what's his name?? he's much cuter/less cheezy in person i can report)... now i must remember his name or i'll worry i'm losing my memory. just a sec. no, it's gone-- you'll have to google it, if you really need to know. (it's bothering me, but i refuse to google for 24 hrs).
every network and film studio has it's own area--like NBC had a 30ROCK and OFFICE -filled area, Sci-Fi had its own battlestar galactica FRAKKIN area, etc., plus every big movie coming out had an area, plus lots of things to buy of course, and announcements of freebies on the loud speaker. it's super-chaotic and fun. at night there was this so-lame-it-was-almost-cool talent show, i think it was called "Masquerade." the show was so packed we could only get into an overflow room with a huge screen.

this year i hear there are lots of cool guests:
adam west, ray bradbury, the TWILIGHT cast (see previous post on hot creeps), the MythBusters' dudes, Lela Lee (ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS-really really good cartoon), oh and --AMAZING!-- rarely-seen japanese animator HAYAO MIYAZAKI (spirited away), which i guess demonstrates how international the convention is getting.
[duh LEE PACE!! it just came to me--you know, ned from pushing daisies.]
i just skimmed an article in nytimes--neat-o: miyazaki is promoting his new movie, PONYO, an animated film "about a goldfish mermaid and her young boy companion." the japanese really know how to mix cute/pervy/artsy in the best way. that sounds amazing. i like how the nytimes just states it, like no big deal---sheesh, it's just a mermaid that's a goldfish and her boyfriend, get over it-be liberal and cool and open-minded.

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