Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Why do I write a blog?
  • Share what I think is interesting in the world
  • Reach out in a small way, to anyone who needs...distraction?
  • Sometimes I have something I need to tell someone and the right person isn't there
  • For people who seek me out (maybe three or four?), this is a warmhearted HELLO
  • Practice writing freely
  • A bridge between anonymous scribble and public release
  • It's fun to have something [small] on the web that's yours [even though Google no doubt collects all sorts of data from everything I write], not just your FB page
  • To ask important questions like, Is there a Uniqlo in SF? LA?


  1. Because it's cheaper than therapy! Love you and your sweet, sweet bangs in that pic.

    1. Yeah I forgot : therapeutic benefits !!

  2. AH! I love that picture. And where can I get that jacket? Love.