Sunday, April 26, 2009


balance is important, in everything. also, music is a [show]bizness. therefore, the time has come for the definitive, highly-awaited, extremely official "HOT GUYS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC" posting. nominations may be submitted, but please, let's not be like that silly website ("beautyinmusic," i believe it was called--barf) where everyone submitted their girlfriends or wannabe girlfriends. to be clear, no "inner beauty" or "love how he plays" nonsense; we want hotties. guys, don't feel bad about objectifying yourself (think of all the tail--male and female--you'll get). don't be shy. (no one reads this blog anyway!). i'm starting you off with an example. i know, a conductor, boo--but he is the spitting image of dr. chase on HOUSE (see how everything links up so nicely)... *gasp* so hot!

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