Thursday, April 23, 2009

i LOVED ltmj

dear hugh,
i believe i am trying to steal the format/style of my fave blog in the world (Letters From the End Consumer, previously Letters to Marc Jacobs)--by the most endearing writer (emi)!! her eye for style! cuteypie kids! astute quirky BRILLIANT observations!! well, my attempt (futile?)is tribute really. reading her blog transforms my depressed brain into a brain that explodes with hearts, flowers, hope, possibility; it is not hyperbole to say that she saved my life many times. yes a blogger who SAVES LIVES and inspires people AROUND THE GLOBE! and all in this charming, unassuming prose--simple, sincere, sharply intelligent and whimsically observant. how does it work? how is it so seemingly effortless? it is magical maybe. i even considered moving to sweden. i thought maybe if i lived in sweden it'd be easier to emulate/imitate (impersonate?) "e"--soon i too would be able to note everyday beauty w/o cheezy sentiment, be a new person, a running person, a Positive Force in the Universe... bleh! i feel i've already failed, since this is rambling and dull. she would never be rambly and dull, i am sure. i want spare elegant sentences, but i have tragic propensity for run-on sentences and too many commas and semi-colons and disorganized thoughts (see?)...but i do care and i do think writing is important. thinking, also, very important. (except not thinking too much, which is trouble-making)

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