Thursday, April 23, 2009

i can't; i'm not worthy

i find directly addressing hugh laurie, OBE, a little presumptuous and embarrassing. OBE -- "Most Excellent Order of the British Empire"--pretty much backs me up that i'm not worthy. ("most excellent"! so very bill and ted, ha!)
to say i'm a fan, that's embarrassing. to say it's gone beyond fan-hood, that's embarassing too. the truth is i must be *cringe* Superfan: i've watched all the episodes of jeeves and wooster and the first three seasons of house approximately a billion times... is this freakish? obsessive? no! it was therapeutic.
possibly: house is therapy for those who don't want to get therapy. or maybe: house is therapy for people who are lonely but refuse/hate to admit it. whatever it is, house soothes and comforts like nothing else.
beyond hugh laurie, beyond the mesmerizing spell he casts, house is unique because it has a distinct, consistent overarching philosophical theme, or themes--the plot is, while not irrelevant, merely a backdrop--
off the top of my head, the general jist is--
Life--is not merely a test.
Hope is for sissies. Don't save regrets for a deathbed soundbyte.
You have to do what you think is right.
Everything sucks, might as well smile.

i think that's basically it. it's not just "everybody lies" and dr. house is an asshole. i don't know whose plan it was, but the writers consistently address things that don't get addressed in daily life (in my daily life)---about complacency, action, what gives life meaning, does meaning even exist, are we mainly chemistry/biology or can your will overcome that, why are we here, what is it all for--
if life is not a test, does one's life become more meaningful/important, or less? is it comforting or discomforting, disturbing...? personally it makes my tendency toward cowardly passivity seem almost sinful.

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