Saturday, May 23, 2009

i like people

if some fellow human can come up with this and if another dear fellow human can alert me of its existence, perhaps i should stick around awhile. i recently went to a hunting lodge (in an undisclose-able location) and saw REAL taxidermy everywhere. like even little baby deer and mid-munch cute beavers, displayed amongst all the requisite moose, elk, whatever, and also a zebra, many was gross. what a decor. death-decor. anyway, feltidermy rules. thanks again, kristin--you are an ace at finding what i will likely go nuts over (basically whatever you go nuts over. btw, you should have your own shopping blog.)


  1. What? You mean it's OK to behead cute little stuffed animals??? Jeez... What's wrong with you, anyway?


  2. i thought you would like feltidermy...
    oh come on, you like it. (it's not like we're eating them)

  3. if it really offends you, and as you are one of the 4, max. 5, people who read my blog, i will remove this promptly...(or buy you one)

  4. it's cute and ironic, right? just like j.v.! (and me on good days)