Sunday, May 17, 2009

wha' happened?

my blogging self has disappeared. wha happened to her? i'll just spout random things til she comes back... hmm. wow, and it's been since the 12th? why? oh it's cuz opera started--YES, i can blame opera! that's what everyone does---the fraudiness of stuff started bogging me down. i must remember, mental note-to-self: morons shouldn't prevent me from just doing my easy-peasy job and collecting my easy-peasy paycheck. plus, i like salome and i LOVE marie antoinette, so what am i complaining about? (i used to actually love playing opera, don't tell-- i liked being hidden in the tiny pit, being unseen, playing too loud, wearing black "yoga" pants--> the noticing of the glaring frauds was always in the background, but didn't enter the foreground and start harrassing me til much later, like a few years ago..)
nevermind, this is turning dull... oh i also read daphne merkin's article in last sunday's nytimes magazine that sort of gave me permission to stop faking it by writing stuff that seemed happy. if it takes a pot of coffee and an hour of self-motivational self-talk and self-loathing just to beat the depressing thoughts away, write normal happyish things, do normal errand-y things, etc., no wonder i'm dead tired by like 5pm. so, i decided to give up on everything and see what happens. [ok, full disclosure: i also ran out of STUMPTOWN and didn't want to drink sub-standard (now everything is substandard) coffee.. people from portland or red hook, help a fellow addict! 7330a Lindell, 63130! ]

here's a great quote (and accurate too) about coffee from 30ROCK:

"It's like my heart is trying to hug my brain!!" (kenneth the page)

here's another great quote from golf digest:

"Lick from the lollipop of mediocrity once, and you suck forever" (rory somebody, can't remember his name, not enough coffee--which stimulates your brain ya know)

HOLY--talk about mediocrity: i don't know how to blog, even---someone tell me, please:

1) how do you get out "blockquote" mode? (GET ME OUTTA HERE!)

2) how do you link from a word, instead of pasting the whole link, moron-style? (thank you kva--figured it out. it's the highlighting, durrr)

i gotta end this post and start a fresh one cuz i can't get outta blockquote. yes i went to college, just shut up. (someone help me with these formatting thingies)

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