Friday, May 29, 2009

Pandiculation Nation

this morning i came up with genius coping strategy*, a sort of subtopic of the old "fake it 'til it becomes real" and the idea that physical action can provoke corresponding mental attitude. i'll illustrate with some quickie inspirational examples:

aggravating idiot at work? yawn. don't waste my time, moron.

is Stupid standing in your light? yawn. (push)

cute boy not calling you when he said he would? yawn. didn't think u were that cute.

big project intimidating/overwhelming you? yawn. that'll be a snap. take 5 minutes.

confidence-girls. con-girls. whatever works. confidence needs to be upped.
here's a good historical application:
pre-election: barack obama for prez? yawn. yes we can.

*to start the yawn program, ironically you may need to drink several cups of coffee or perhaps take the trendy adderall (which i've never tried, no fair)-- to bolster yourself for all this unprecedented confidence. yawn. that should be easy.

1 comment:

  1. oh thank god you posted. i was falling apart without i need only yawn and all will make sense!