Sunday, May 3, 2009

sundays are the enemy

sunday = laundry and actively dueling depression. this morning (too early--7?) i was so doggedly fighting off the demons that while i was wheeling out the garbage bins to the curb(makes me feel better, preparing for trash day--monday--to the extent that i do it earlier and earlier on sundays as another antidote) i failed to notice someone completely slumped over on the grass next to the sidewalk right in front of my driveway. when i got to my front door i finally saw a police car driving up and the man trying to get up, but staggering around and lying back down. i still don't know what happened, but it seems he was exercising, dizzy and fell in the grass? i just have this weirdo image of this man curled up like he was taking a nap, right by where i put my garbage lingering in my head. i am oblivious! i am terrible!

here's some cool "house-money" that KVA sent me. totally unrelated to my early-morning weirdness. can u believe how self-absorbed i am? even now, i'm so absorbed in my self-absorption.


  1. omg...i can beat that, believe it or not. there were homeless people LIVING in the crawl space under my bedroom for over a week and i had no idea until my neighbor pointed it out. duh...i kept hearing a door open, but thought it was the cellar door, which other tenants have access to. now the crawl space is all locked up, thank GOD!

  2. okay that's just weird. you didn't see a man slumped over near your garbage? are you blind woman?