Saturday, May 9, 2009

wherever you are, there you... cry yourself to sleep?

wait, but but but that's not true!! i'm not miserable everywhere! if i were with colin firth, i'd be happy anywhere. also, i have been happy in (1) new haven, (2) japan, (3) palo alto, (4) salzburg, ... ok, that's it. but see, i have been happy.
last night, after i helped perpetrate a fraud on the mor--i mean, masses, i honked at slow old people as i tried to escape the parking lot. now that makes me a bad person, undeserving of 'happiness'. yet, i still blame others--i officially call for the dismissal of the main culprits, the major players hastening the demise of classical music: (i am immoral and also a WUSS, so i will only post their initials:) D.H. (big-time felon-crimes against humanity, and music) and A.H. (merely a moron--oblivious, lazy, irresponsible--but still deserves credit). i post this on my blog because someone must speak out about idiots in authority positions. well, shouldn't someone? of course this is, duh, all my opinion, i suppose. yet it feels like absolute truth. someone (not me) should do something.


  1. Happy shmappy. And who cares about classical music anyway? Not me.

    You will be old, and others will honk at you...

    This blog rocks.


  2. i forgot--it's the 30+ years of moldy practicing--i really DON'T care about classical music, whoa. but the investment has been made; whadddo-i-do now?

    people already honk at me. cuz i'm texting while driving. (i know, v.v.v. bad)

    help. rage-a-holix. i can't believe you read this. you are cornelius theresa.
    make sure you send a pic when your abs are ready.