Thursday, September 3, 2009

let's go visit the royals!

drottningholm. i recommend going on august 24, 2009. oh u missed it? thank god i got some photos! (i skipped over the boat ride to get to the [reallly] good stuff)--
the regal swan welcome, only for the VIPs:
the help buffing up the statues for my arrival: (is that windex?)
oops i copied the wrong pic--but this is the view from the back, from the grounds:
another view from rear:
the front as i was leaving, sooo beautiful:
my next post i will rewind and show you parts of the boat ride, the steamship. it was so great. i even have a sound clip of the water. i'm pure cheeze. yezz i know.

meet my boyfriend (kungliga slottet gift shop lady said he's currently single, wink wink) (wait, then could i shack up at DROTTNINGHOLM? whoa dude):

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