Thursday, September 3, 2009

RICHARD AVEDON--my mystical experience at SDMA

i got busted for taking this (innocently, i swear)--but totally worth it, not just for ironic value (busted for taking a photo at photography exhibit) but also LOOK how marian anderson is the REAL, the focus, the hub. she is the eye of the storm, ignoring the flurry of blurry insubstantial wraiths around her..

i just barely made it--gone on sunday!

marilyn zoning out

pigface (or what does dubya call him? ratface? ratpig?)

dorothy parker in 1958
wow eye bags

so smug; smugger in the '70s

hi i love u
my favorite was 1958 picture of carson mccullers, nyack, ny. i could stare at it for hours.
avedon's portraits are these deceptively stark/simple photos that you soon realize are uncrackable codes, puzzles that only prompt more questions. each is a glimpse/an attempt at capturing a moment, yet that moment is no end, it gives up no answers, it only opens up on all sides, all dimensions, and offers you the momentary flash of the complexity behind every human being.


  1. I saw this in SF, it was fabulous! Love the politician montage (did you recognize 20-something y.o. Ralph Nader??)

  2. yeah, in social studies class in the 80's--i had a crush on him. crusader. tall. geeky voice. so hot.