Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my korean side/i can bring the melodrama

my last day. this is pathetic. skip this. i am not a cool scandinavian. prospect of returning to sticky heat and mi-ser-y (yes i am using as pun). here, after vasa museet, ~12noon, countdown begins in my head. sneaked around in the hotel diplomat (POSH!) avoiding the rain. (i'll show u the stealth pics i took later):after: old town (rain stopped) and the royal palace (the other one, in gamla stan), trying to take arty unique pictures on a tight schedule, and seeing the oldest church in scandinavia (i might have made that up) and rushing back on the metro to emi's office in södermalm to pick up her AMAZING BOOK ON CREMONA AND STRADS (YES, IT'S TRUE--SHE WROTE A BOOK ON STRADIVARIUS PEOPLE!), then t-bana back, walked in direction of NK dept. store, but stopping at the opera house because there were hordes of people and looked very glamourous, then stopping in finally to NK--running around trying to see everything in 45 min--saw my lotta kühlhorn mugs!)----then, 8:30ish, throwing loot on bed at hotel and splashed cold water on face: I AM NOT SLEEPING, PULLING ALL-NIGHTER, mental declaration to self:
then zoned out immediately after declaration: feels so good to zone sometimes (this is what my friend david deRiso looks like when your story runs too long and his brain rightly skips ahead to entertain itself):
then self-pity: st. louis, WHY WHY--why didn't i stay a little longer???????? 6 days? another week and i wouldve mastered the vowels. (å= "home"; ä= "egg"....)
boo hoo is boring but funny to look at a week later
i quickly snapped out of ↑ THAT ↑ and stayed out til 3, then stayed up til 5, then slept two hours. it was the best i could do. i savored every minute but then i had massive headache.

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