Friday, September 11, 2009

my personal trainer is a rock star

the guy playing the guitar in the bed is Andrew Essig, the man who today promised me he is going to make me into a GYM STAR. he is dreamy and i will do his bidding. the videos i happened upon don't capture his je-ne-sais-quoi hotness. actually "hot" seems crass in this case; he is super nice-looking. i will try to capture him mid-training so you can see. i may not be able to do a push-up, but he said i rate high on "coachability". i was SO happy. i'm not ashamed to tell you this. (ok, only slightly--i was really happy)
his band with his bro is called "Models Need Sleep".
but seems like he does his own songs.

Models Need Sleep: Shoelaces iChannel Commercial from Grant Essig on Vimeo.

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