Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Issue--the movie

oh my, my posts are actually related--by accident, of course. yesterday i happened to finally look at my first subscription issue (sept) of vogue and today i happened to catch the documentary "the sept. issue" at the fancy mall.
it was really good, subtle, and though anna wintour still remains inscrutable, her interaction with her daughter was genuinely sweet (and her daughter seemingly very well-adjusted with her own well-formed ideas) and there were definitely some revealing moments where i thought i saw a tiny bit of vulnerability through her tight smile and brisk efficiency. grace coddington is even more fascinating actually--she is a real artiste with a personality that is a perfectly-welded tough-as-nails will and thin-skinned fragility, if that makes any sense or could even be possible. she is the real artistic vision behind the magazine--the creative genius with the eye for real beauty. but anna wintour is the realist, the one who edits without hesitation or feeling, who is always a step ahead. anyway, it was a really beautiful film to watch--they film in paris, rome (and anna wintour's house on long island!). also very funny (andre leon talley "playing tennis" with beach-size LV towel with matching little LV suitcases--really worth it).

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