Wednesday, September 23, 2009

vow of silence

wardrobe for vow of silence can be found here--there are a lot of baby-sized ones too, which i think is really considerate since many are nonverbal (pre-verbal that is).
these first two are essential because then i, i mean one doesn't have to [verbally] ask for affection (whilst retaining coolly indifferent appearance --difficult but amerika no one knows any other language but english anyway, right duh):
funnier for non-korean (non-asians actually)

"drink your head off"--really?

this is nice--i need to read more (i'm reading Netherland and it IS as good as it's supposed to be; for some reason i couldn't read that guernsey/potato peel pie book, even tho' even eat-pray-love author-woman highly recommended it. i really tried, but couldn't do it)

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