Sunday, May 30, 2010

anyone else out there?

do you get sunday night blues (SNB) like JV and i?  it's been a recognized condition for a few years now.  i had it and thot it was only me, then jv told me about her sunday night malaise, then i started reading about it all sorts of magazines, publications.  (mostly it was sunday blues cuz people had to go to work the next day, but hmmm, that doesn't apply to musicians---it should be "musicians' friday nite", fun and carefree, yet it's NOT.)  we used to have it covered going to see colin firth movies, planning on fighting it, being pro-active, but then JV moved to sf, boo hoo...
i even get it on three day weekends, how silly is that? 
that's just dumb.  any other sufferers?


  1. I'm unemployed and I STILL have that feeling! WTF, indeed.