Thursday, May 6, 2010


a mix of being in the midst of my late-developing 공주 phase, my MadMen intrigue, and the fact of many imminent weddings perhaps....but i am wondering what it felt like to be grace kelly, get dressed-up like that (i mean, the putting on of undergarments alone, all the way to all the makeup and hair time...?), be all frothy and cupcakey, with impossibly small waist and ridiculous dry-cleaning bills. what is that like?   have you ever even worn one of those fanning-out circle skirts?  if you don't have presence naturally, at least it would help you take up more room....  or would you feel like barbie? does betty draper/january jones feel like barbie?  does it feel stiff and artificial/  fabulous and entitled to royal treatment?  stupid?

this dress is so cute with the red around the neck, but it almost requires asian girl...otherwise it just looks too americana. like, go the sailor girl japanese anime direction, instead of the apple pie WWII direction.  know what i mean? don't want to look like a flag, right?  what am i talking about?  who would wear this?
(if you want to buy and wear these, guess what you can!: timelessvixen)

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