Monday, May 17, 2010

"for singles only"

what is this?  it's selling at milk with no description.  do i need one?

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  1. "Date blindly no more, because the administrative revolution in romance is here. Whether you want hookups, open-ended fun or a ring on your finger, with the Procedural Dating Kit you'll always stay on the same page. Show interest without cheesy pickup lines using the "notification of attraction" cards. Avoid awkward waiting periods using the "exchange form for contact information." Review their dating histories with the "relationship resume." Track the relationship with the "dating dossier" and "date feedback card." Avoid ambiguity and heartache with the "notification of non-exclusivity" and "exclusivity agreement." And it all comes in a handy portable package. Now dating can be simple, uncomplicated and straightforward! Binder includes over 111 items. Made in China."