Sunday, May 9, 2010

leslie and fam in phuket

leslie and i were at aspen and pmf together.  she doesn't remember aspen, i bet, but i thought she was so cool--she had these wicked-badass black glasses that i admired....  she is so funny and cute!!!
and pmf was sooooo fun!!  199- ?  i think it was '95...  i also briefly visited her in hong kong!  too short! but once again, so fun!  she introduced me to the fun chinesey life and MUJI!!  also SKINFOOD!

here's her vacay pics that i so enjoyed on facebook that i stole a few (hope you don't mind too much, resrie!)
branden, lena (grown so much since i saw her--little baby--in h.k. 2 summers ago!!)

glam mom and daughter.  leslie, are you a hk movie star?

you're such a great photographer!

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