Wednesday, May 26, 2010

girly telepathy./becky boyer

skip this if you're a boy.  skip this also if you think i have a tendency to be silly.

ok, girly telepathy...IT EXISTS!!!
just happened to me today.  the last few days to be precise, i've been looking at other girls' toes at work and thinking, Why is their polish so shiny? Do I need to get a real professional pedicure to make it that shiny?  Then, i thought, duh, they're using some fancy top coat--THAT is what i'm missing!  but then, (like i said, real deep thoughts here, stay if you can handle it) i kept forgetting to buy it and i didn't know what kind to buy, blah blah...
my toenails were dull, unshiny, a pretty red, but no glossy sheen, no real shine...
(just look at polish, avoid looking at my misshapen toes):

then, i get to work, and becky hands me this bag full of goodies---which i didn't look at til break.
guess what the first item i pulled out of the bag was!
O-M-G right?
now look! i wonder if you can tell the diff with my little camera +
limited photog skills:

oh well. you get my point. it's not really about the shiny nails (but they're REAL SHINY),
it's about the GIRLY TELEPATHY~
how bout that for evidence? i mean, becky and i sat together on a stand for 5 years straight; it's a marriage of sorts, we like to joke.  (but hey, it's no joke..cuz dude, we got a BOND.)

incidentally, becky was sporting some gorgeous new earrings today:
it's kinda like a fleur de lys, but not.
anyway, i had my camera out cuz i heard that amy irving and isaac mizrahi were around for the opera rehearsal.  amy irving sang right to the left of me, she put herself right in the middle of the orchestra... but it was too close for me to take a picture.  i mean, i have to respect her space (and my dignity) even tho' i'm always surprisingly star-struck---more ridiculously excited than i'd like to admit.  unlike her new role as the new captain on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, ms. irving now has light hair and light eyebrows.  just some trivia.  anyway, i remember her most from Crossing Delancey and that woody allen Deconstructing Harry (where i believe she played a violist, ha ha).
this is how i think of her in my mind.  but she actually looks more like:
which took some brain adjustment.. she is crying a lot in Send in the Clowns. she seems to be a very emotional person, so different from how i saw her in L&O, where she's tough and unexpressive with a little new yawk accent.
anyway, since i didn't take any pictures and was frustrated,
i took some fun pics of opera rehearsal---looks like fun, huh? (yes)

chris tantillo and josh maccluer at break

nicolae getting his violin out after break.
ok, i've gone off on several tangents during this post...haha!

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  1. You should get a professional pedicure! I love when I do, and my feet look much better. Just my opinion :)