Monday, May 10, 2010

shopping with the eyeballs only

rachel comey is so good---why are they all museum-priced?
good job to kva for using discount to buy prettier version (on forward) of the first rachel comey dress i posted.  it's even prettier, i think:
looks good with white skin. cuz no one tans anymore, right? (i wish i were tan)
i think i read that rachel comey started out doing menswear and/or men's footwear...
anyway, look at her knitwear!
why can't they be more gap-range in price?
(not noguchi-table-priced)

cartwheel sweater--i saw this on top of a summer dress and it was really a thing of beauty.

somersault pullover

swivel sandal--also rachel comey.

the pièce de résistance, makes me want to shop with actual money:

you can visit it here.
says it is the lightest "feather crepe"--i don't even care about the neckline, it flows so magically

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