Wednesday, October 14, 2009

btw on obama re: nobel peace prize

the day it was announced npr aired so many comments on how it was "not right" and "too early" and how obama should "decline it". WhAT?! i totally took it (prize) as the cool/smart/moral people of the world community saying: "OK, YOU'VE MADE IT UP TO US FOR THE DUBYA YRS." or, since i was one of the 'mericans who had the "WE'RE SORRY EVERYBODY" globe bumper stickers after bush got re-elected, maybe it's more like-- "WE ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY"
why all the kvetching? uh isn't that UNPATRIOTIC


  1. I agree...but some guy (or girl) from another country could have been given that award for something they've already done. I feel like justifying it as "post-Bush" is like awarding him for not sucking as much as someone else. Or awarding him for THINKING about doing great things. And he certainly is thinking about it. Maybe Biden should get one too then...the look on his face says he's thinking about stuff.

    But WHO would turn down an award like that? No one...and you can't blame Obama for accepting it.

  2. did u read what i wrote ("Andrew Questions My Commitment")?? now i have to go check what i wrote... well i'm sure it's complimentary..