Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EN-JOY- another five-fingered photo 4 u

it is always squirrel time in some part of this world. i stole this photo from mary lee sjönell off her fb photo! THANKS mary lee! thanks sweden! mary lee has amazing hair that changes style and color everyday, seems like...scanning through all her glitzy wild arty photos last night made me want to be free-wheeling and change my hair, my life, my profession.. i don't know her at all, but her life as represented and organized/presented by fb seems like REALLY REALLY good. i stole another picture from when she was in helsinki for some ARt THING and the museum was amazing. ok, now i either go next to HELSINKI, COPENHAGEN, BERLIN, or...uh..STOCKHOLM. i need a bit more time there.

i don't know if that is really a link? how come it's not in another color. i'm so tired i think i will check this out laterrrrrrr.

haha, squirrels

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