Saturday, October 17, 2009

HEY SHAKIRA--are those HAMBOK glow-in-the-dark??

bravo to shakira: you are SO innovative!!!!! where'd you get the idea of using korean lady drummers in your song, whoa! the sleeves looked like they were lamé, somehow blingy. i am in such a state of surprise --i just saw them on SNL.
in korean dance class (at someone's house when i was in elementary school) i always wanted to do that--they do that drumming thing where they spin completely around while continuing to drum, y'know what i mean? anyway, i used to practice it on imaginary drum in my room. i just learned the sleeve dance and the fan (really fun) dancing. don't remember much of the actual dancing. except i DID think i was really good at it; i thought i had this natural talent or something, haha---like, i really was feeling it, that i knew how to do it just naturally (cuz it's in my blood, man!) actually my only clear memory was that we got to eat these totally junky totino pizza rolls and cheetos during our break. it was memorable only because my mom would NEVER let me eat that at home... mom, if you are reading, did you know what junky food they were serving us while we kids were learning this wonderful historical tradition? did you just let it go to like, fit in with the other moms? wait, that doesn't really sound like you...!

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