Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cats with bling

cats make indolence look SO good... "Go ahead, relax...it's good for you.,,look at me: not an ounce of tension or stress!" (they seem to say.) guilt? YAWN. you're boring me..
KING GEORGE ! demands respect, but also entertains the people. Has a bit of yellow fever.

this is JV's other cute-bomb, ADONIS (aka donner, whopper, whop)--
special skill: the langorous lovey dovey headbutt

this is morning roll-out unwashed tiara splendor~~
(tiara brings the eyes up, above greazy face and hair, old fleece pjs)

"yes, i've been here for 16 hrs... ja und?

"your 1/2 hour shower wasted precious water-i timed you"


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  2. I really want to wear this tiara for our concert tonight even though we're not dressing up for Halloweeeen....do I dare?