Thursday, December 17, 2009

"chatting up your doorman"

oh sorry, i just realized my blog may be my "doorman".  except you are not a "captive" audience, of course (run!)

sometimes hugh laurie's dr. house voice is in my head and all the metaphors start conflicting.  (does that happen to you ?  haha)
we're all on planes. you can't jump off; jumping off is stupid.
if you don't like it, there are exits on every floor
can you believe in a God that hides in a closet
almost dying changes nothing; dying changes everything
the truth is out there ['dog day afternoon' episode']
but worth risking your life to know (a 'reasonable' swap for knowledge?)

i don't have time to sort this out.  i always start my posts when i don't have time...why do i do this? anyway, these illustrations stolen from agentbauer, dan berglund.  i think.

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