Saturday, December 19, 2009

in bulletin board news

entertaining symphony bulletin board, in the luxe musicians' lounge, in the basement (of course):

couple weeks ago i noticed this brilliant juxtaposition that u may enjoy:

1. happily surpised to see that someone had posted neil's brilliant nytimes review:

2. appreciative of positioning above alan gilbert's condescending smug mug [which i had previously defaced with a very juvenile fu-man-chu mustache (jerk)--if u zoom u can see my artwork]

3.  greatly amused by articles above and below...

above: "GERMAN ORCHESTRA TO PLAY IN BROTHEL" (" a novel effort to bring classical music 'out of the concert hall' and to where the people are."---HAHAHAHA . WAIT, IS THIS THE ONION?!):

below neil (i didn't get a good picture) is a scathing editorial piece called, "MICHAEL TIPPETT:  A COMPOSER TO FORGET"
amusing, huh?  neil's article is a ray of sunlight through the cynical haze of orchestral life (conductor/composer bashing, dirty jokes, envy over other orchestras' salaries.. oh hey, i just noticed at the bottom, to the left of the fumes of alan gilbert's silly self-satisfied, entitled, ridiculous blobby arrogance--yeah, i'm not such a fan--there's the results of the trumpet committee voting where i came in last with 9 votes!! i was going to start a protest---i was the only girl, only string player, only asian on the ballot!  oh the Old Boy Network! oh the pervasive racism, sexism, and string-ism in the workplace! hahaha.  no but seriously, i actively campaigned, but no cigar.  can't trust a violinist to evaluate trumpet playing? well, you can trust me up til the finals for SURE)

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