Monday, December 7, 2009

STumbling Upon Happiness and

also, The Brain That Changes Itself, and The Talent Code. 
this is my triumvirate for brain-fixing.  you remember in college you said to me--you really ended up much more well-adjusted than you should be.  well, the cha-rahde is over.  i am going to the cave for the holidays, go into [asian] robot-mode and total-immmersion-style reading any/all cheezy/sciency books (with highlighter pens) ---will take any recommendations.  (actually, will NOT read any "dr" wayne dyer, any other fake drs, like "dr" phil--eww can he just go away)


  1. i think we should all follow davin's chart... in college, we were younger than we thought! ...i'm just now beginning to see how a relationship with one's parents slow-blossoms in grey-to-black fleurs du mal. or, i've been seeing all along, but it continues to deepen and new facets appear like some impossible unfolding, which is in fact what it is. and i thought all info was long ago priced in!

    i'll look at those other books too... barbara ehrenreich (who i never rilly read or liked, always a little late to the trend, or seeming despite the time on the beat nutin' but an armchair radical) but anyway has written a book about the damage of positive thinking, though she says we should try realism, not pessimism, as the solution, but she's prolly just a silly one:,8599,1929155,00.html

    here's the first line to an elliot smith song:
    "no bad dream fuckers going to boss me around"


  2. Flattered that my scribbled chart is getting such a good reception. I love your comment about thinking all info was 'priced in.' I think I fell into this trap too.