Saturday, December 12, 2009

SPANX for men

"manx"! "Mirdles"! "core precision" and "compression" .....mwahahahahahaahahha!

EQUMEN's "Core Precision Undershirts!"--invented by woman, i think a korean woman, Corie Chung:
This fall the company will expand its lineup to include precision underpants. Yes, go ahead and reread that. Chung said the underpants will feature similar compression technology, which sounds kind of painful. But fear not, she assured me. They are designed to keep men comfortable and keep their precision parts cooler. "That area of a man is meant to be 1º colder than the rest of the body to optimize fertility," she said. Fertility is not my problem, I said. "It'll also give you a perkier rear end," she said.
*is ms. chung for real, really funny, man-humiliator, humanitarian, simple sadist?   so funny (and vengeful?)

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