Sunday, December 6, 2009

FAMOUS FRIENDS, a.k.a. i saw neil at work today...

on the bulletin board in the lounge !!  i don't know who posted it (new york times clipping of neil's review), but THANKS!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  i feel honored i heard you practicing some of the dargel when i visited last month.., oh and that you included us (your fans)in your interesting epistolary-style posts of your exchange with dargel re: the naming-process of "every day is the same day"--a little peek into the misterioso world of "art creation"...btw--i'm straying off topic as usual--i compiled a list of questions over the last month of questions to ask you, but i left it in "draft"--will you think theyre dumb questions?  but honestly, there's lots people like me who want to know the inner workings/trix/inspiration behind performing/composing new music--maybe you don't want to let the secrets out..?  i'll send them to you anyway.  at least they're sincere (i wrote most of them down while very-caffeinated at a bakery/sandwich place...partly to distract myself from these law students "studying" loudly next to me--they kept saying words weirdly and making me feel judgmental/mean and like i shoulda gone to law school---ex. "pe-ri-pher-i-a-lly", "di-mi-nu-i-tion".  i'm not kidding --they kept adding "i"'s --maybe that happens when you're tired? but how are they gonna be taken seriously in say, a courtroom? yes it is possible i'm a snob).  anyway, great review, and i so so wish i could have been there!! + sounds like you had cool venue too.
"...Mr. Dufallo demonstrated the rich sound he produces on an unmodified fiddle. But his playing is no less alluring on the electric violin...he showed how much amplification can expand the instrument’s palette. Far from robbing the violin of its beauty, electronics add textural elements and gradations of timbre that the acoustic instrument cannot approximate."

oh, bravo to amy too!
PS. did u have a wardrobe-change for the piece, "electric blue pantsuit"?
PPS.  this is a first concert in a series, right?  maybe i can attend next one.

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  1. Lisa - thank you for blogging about this. Please send me your questions, though I doubt I will know the answers. Yes, the concert was the first of a series. I think part 2 will be happening some time in August.

    Hope to see you soon!