Monday, December 21, 2009

my hats don't fit anymore now

thank you to JOHN who to my knowledge is not a relative, friend, nigerian prince, or even acquaintance for giving me huge boost of confidence and validation of my questionable blogging skillz.  you are SO nice to write me.  and now i will blatantly show off what you wrote because i'm trying to develop a healthy yet non-interfering ego.  (i know, shameless front-door bragging):
Received: 11:24 PM CST, 11/22/2009

From: John D
Subject: the absolute best STL blog

My name is John and I have been most intrigued by your blog. I have been a
secret admirer for more than a couple of months now.

I believe you might just be the most interesting Saint Louis based blogger
I've discovered. I have had the opportunity to read many web logs, mostly
political in nature, but your writing is hilarious, smart & nonchalant. I
totally dig it.


John D
WHAT THE WHAT?  maybe Leos do live off flattery like oxygen? i think i'm taller too, now.
oh, john, i hope u don't mind that i posted this...whoops is this faux-pas de blogging?  now i'm really asking too much, but can you be an official follower so i feel like i gots more readers?  god i'm greedy.

since i actually have at least 3-4 readers who don't know me, and now that i'm completely wrapped up in myself, i will share some completely random personal details:
1.  i'm 5'10"
2.  i had previous career as actress/model
3.  i'm blonde, 22" waist, 32........................hahahahahaha, i can't keep this up
honestly, i'm such a big liar.  no, HONESTLY, i'm really an honest person (wink)--no REALLY i am.  i am constantly thinking how do i really really truthful pursue truth? i think about it like hourly some days.  and these days i'm disagreeing with the krishnamurti stuff--"you must see the false, to see the truth"  i find that sorta negative.  hahaha. sorry, this is an excellent way to segue into my flaws:
1.  i tend to laugh at my own accidental humor (and intentional attempts at humor, also, to be honest.)
2.  in the last 3 days i have had about...let's see, 3+4+3... rounding up, around 10 hrs of sleep.
3.  i cannot drink more than a 1¾ alcoholic drinks (i was going to say "generally", but it's kinda accurate)
4.  BUT, if i am having a really really good 'conversation' (ok, euphemism, sort of) then i can have 2+ depending on level of into-ness. ( i'm sure there's a scientific reasoning behind this.  does anyone know?  cuz i also realized that i always lose at scrabble to a guy that i'm also uh drawn to and it's become like a predictable test of how much i like someone.  do u get dumber and drunker when you are attracted to someone?  someone told me it's hormones or something. vague explanation that i didn't really buy at the time. please let me know.  am i the only one?  seriously, the scrabble-test --embarrasssingly telling.  can't focus. can't get a bingo.  and the harder i try, the worse it is)
5.  recently i've gathered from a variety of sources that i need to put duct tape over my mouth so i can stop interjecting and interrupting---it's become a real chronic problem.  i just get all revvvvved up and 5 things pop up in my head and i want to tell you sooo bad!!  it's not that i'm not interested in what you have to say! the more i interrupt is an indicator of my rising enthusiasm.  please understand that i'm REALLY into what you are saying.  but i'm working on it.  i've been subtly putting my fist in my mouth and carrying a pen/paper to scribble down little hints of what i'm thinking so i can politely express them later.
6.  i have tendency to over-share, i think.
[figuratively i am applying the duct tape now]
your turn! i'm listening

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  1. exposed! ...but I don't mind. ;)

    happy holidays!