Saturday, December 12, 2009

no more no-ko

i read on The Local that NOKO jeans (idealistic swedish jean company that outsourced production to north korea) are now NOT going to be sold in PUB department stores in sweden.  i of course don't have enough information (i never even heard of the u.s. envoy who was sent to no. korea for talks last week--stephen bosworth?)  does he know the answers? does anyone know what to do? where are the experts?

 just like when new york phil went on their north korean tour, it seems to me that --even with the best intentions for the north korean people-- dealing with pyongyang is just too tricky.  yes, they are isolated and impoverished, and no doubt compassionate humanitarians everywhere would like to help them, but does any real north korean person ever get any kind of boost but kim jong-il?  just because the factory looks clean and promises are made about working conditions, can you trust anything they claim? doesn't the dear leader spin any attention to no. korea as proof of his great leadership ?  when countries/companies engage with north korea i don't think it is possible to separate out the north-korea=kim jong-il and the north-korea-of-starving-children-and-inhumane-conditions; everything is spun to be proof of his greatness, and thereby bolsters his power, reinforces and justifies his continued domination and mistreatment of his people. right? it seems like that to me.. as in--(use team-america me-so-ronery voice if it helps): "See, the great orchestras of the world want to come here and play for ME, and SEE, high dignitaries like bill clinton kowtow to ME. and hot-ass swedish jeans are even made here for ME--i am like God, not cockroach." (do u think he watched Team America? hmm)
all efforts to help are thwarted through his complete control, domination of everything-- the people only hear what he wants them to hear; tv is just 2 hours of kim-jong-il tv per day, right? but then, if for moral reasons we shouldn't outsource production to countries that don't follow human-rights treaties, have a rotten human rights record,and/or ignore global pleas for humane treatment of their people, shouldn't we also not outsource or buy things made in china? or what eddie izzard said in Dressed to Kill---"..we are sort of all right with evil dictators who kill their own people" (e.g. pol pot --another tragedy of forced labor camps, malnutrition/starvation, mass executions--he killed off something like 2.5 MILLION cambodians)-- maybe it's true.
also weird, the NOKO jeans were only made in black denim because "North Koreans usually associate blue jeans with America, that's why it's a little bit taboo."  really?? just change the color and it doesn't have a yankee-feel anymore? 

the jeans are/were (?) really high-end too--1500 kronor, $226!!  if you bought them, wore them, you would have to have vague doubts/suspicions--like... should i just pair these with a grayish members-only jacket, get a perm, and wear really unflattering ladies' glasses..? (sorry)

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