Thursday, December 10, 2009


"I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion."
-jack kerouac

thank you; i find this the perfect place to start.  if krishnamurti says that one cannot really actively pursue truth; one needs to first see what's false---then really, this is the Truth Starting Point for me.  wandering around through darkness and seeing it as dark and scary and unknown/unseeable--well, that's better than pretending you see false bright lights, right?  it's honest.  and i think it's where artists and writers must have to linger in for disturbing periods of time, with help of maybe coffee and cigarettes as their only palliatives.  to stay in the "learning curve" you have to have your own sense of balance first, so if i need to take some time-out to look at norwegian sweater-dressing or cute animals to restore some peace and calm, then i think it's part of learning the "learning curve"--it's O.K.   staying there forever would be complacency and non-progress..but just looking is such a relief from all the OVER-DRIVE of  reading and trying-to-try info ("Six Tips To Make You Feel Instantly Calm" and stats ("New Research: Blaming Others Is Contagious")  and advice ("5 Most Common Workout Mistakes") and of course guilty distraction ("Tiger Woods a Sex Addict?")]...(&*@&!

iiS of Norway, winter oasis:

Nygårdsanna from Sweden:
(also stolen from truly beautiful place,  lifeiscarbon®/scandinavian æsthetics)

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  1. Perfect example of the point I was trying to get across with my crude diagram.

    I've heard you mention starting points several times and I'm wondering if you keep looking for the perfect place to start what is it you've been doing already :)