Thursday, August 27, 2009


i've not only stepped into the blog of EMI, i wanna take stuff back from this world...

bet you didn't think i was this tall huh. wait, will these still fit, like back home? do clothes that fit in blog-world fit you in reality-world?
you MUST check out these instructions, taken from the official "ACNE DENIM GUIDE" that came with my jeans (i chopped the sentence into two pictures for full effect):

and they're totally serious. i hadn't read The Guide before my entree into ACNE-land, so imagine my confusion: the acne lady asked me from outside the dressing rm, "Does that size fit you?" i said yes. i came out to show her it was very comfortable. then she ran off saying, "ok, then i'll run and get you the next smaller"--but but but..what? she explained that i would understand once i wore them, and that she used to share my doubts, but then she got used to the corset-style non-breathing and now when she wears her regular, more comfortable size, she doesn't like it anymore. well, she's the expert! and i remember emi detailed her saga in her blog --needing assistance at first, then--victory!--the day arrived where she could put them on herself! and she looked HOT!
+i'm sure it'll be gratifying. my legs can grow 2-3's sheer WILL, or stretching. or probably prayer.

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  1. I don't understand this Swedish approach to jeans -- aren't jeans supposed to be comfortable? Is this saleslady saying her tight jeans are comfortable the same way thongs are comfortable, which is really just saying you get used to wearing them in slight discomfort at all times? Beauty is painful, as my grandmother used to say.