Tuesday, August 4, 2009

president clinton to the rescue (i hope)

omg, it seems like FOREVER since they were captured by the north koreans.. and they're still there!? i thought al gore would've gotten them out by now, or SOMEBODY (obama?). how frightening. and if u thought the journalist on the right looks a lot like Lisa Ling (formerly of the View, a long time ago it seems) like i did, you're right-- because she's her sister! this is what i got from msnbc:
Clinton was in communist North Korea on a mission to secure the release of Americans Euna Lee and Laura Ling, reporters for former Vice President Al Gore's Current TV media venture who were arrested along the Chinese-North Korean border in March and sentenced in June to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and engaging in "hostile acts."

Lee, a South Korean-born U.S. citizen, is married and has a 4-year-old daughter in Los Angeles; a native Californian, Ling is the married younger sister of TV journalist Lisa Ling.

that is so scary, the ultimate nightmare. they are ridiculously brave for going there in the first place, to take those risks. you must really have to really really believe in your cause, your mission--especially if you have a very young child? what were they doing? i didn't even know american journalists were even allowed there, but i'm notoriously clueless. where are they now? they've been in the n. korean custody since MARCH--5 months? well, i guess they have to keep them relatively healthy in order to use them as any sort of bargaining chip w/the west. (but probably "relatively healthy" in n. korean terms is something pretty different.)

on a lighter note, i heard on "wait wait don't tell me" (npr)this weekend that pyongyang is getting their first fast food restaurants. (of course jokes ranged from "Burger KIM" to "no drive-thru cuz no one has a car" to Dear Leader wants to jumpstart his population from malnourished to morbidly obese.)

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