Friday, August 28, 2009

UNPREPARED FOR THIS: dazed and confused, minus coffee (and matthew mcconaughey) (yes that was for emi)

i woke up two hours ago, which is v. good. i need coffee, but no bodum beaker thing (broke it the day i left for sweden, cuz people came to "fix" the closet an hour before i had to leave--they were supposed to come 3 days earlier--and i was flustered, doing things too fast and distractedly. fully blame them. they were 3 days late and i said to them the day before--"DO NOT COME TOMORROW". but then of course 3 guys came, all separately, fluster-ing me since i was packing my bathroom stuff and just outta the shower, 9am. by the way, my closet is STILL NOT FIXED.)

oh last nite i hope it didn't sound like i was starting a new blog; i just meant "dear hugh laurie" is now basically "i love stockholm".

i didn't know when i came back from stockholm i'd be feeling like this. i was not ready for THIS!! i have stockholm-withdrawal. not stockholm syndrome. (btw i read the Acne store in norrmalm was the site of the incident that caused the invention of the term, stockholm syndrome. u know what i'm saying. i need to google)

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