Tuesday, August 25, 2009

risa ate rudolph (neil, amy--skip this post!)

i forgot to mention that yesterday on the steamship back from drottningholm (so beautiful i thought it was the afterlife, well if u've been like reallyreally good) i sat in the fancy dining room away from the riffraff (truth: no more seats in the hold cuz it was the last boat i think) and had a reindeer appetizer. it was served like a hunk of pate on a big wasa cracker. then there was a little neat pile of bright yellow fish roe, a lemon wedge, diced red onion, and chives. i squeezed lots of lemon but it was like really salty salami and not very pretty to look at.
emi says this is not traditional- actually really weird, to have the roe and the chives. i think traditional is more like reindeer filet... merry xmas.
i had the whole dining room to myself with beautiful views. i spread out all my tourist paraphernalia and had a great time. i think i forgot to take a photo! (well, like i said, not too pretty--reindeer on plate, not the views)

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