Friday, August 28, 2009

incredible hulk popsicle

i feel like i know them and they are so familiar to me, cuz i've read emi's blog for like 3 years or so...but it must be strange for them--emi's kids, i mean.
they must think, "who is this girl? why does she act like she knows us?"
but that's why emi and anders are so nice---they actually let me forget that, though i've caught glimpses of their lives steadily the past few years, they just met me! have i mentioned how cool they are? have i ? have i told you how fun/engaging/smart they are to talk to?
ok, my camera just died. couldn't download anything else but this pic at the market, joel appearing to enjoy his incredible hulk pop. (tho' i remember emi saying he didn't like it. after he ate it all.)

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