Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wanna-be swede

1. got the must-have (unfortunate name) acne jeans. and correctly, i bought a size smaller than i would usually wear. this is the rule.

2. i now own a sweater (words cannot express) from FILIPPA K.

3. emi took me to restaurang prinsen for--f i n a l l y !!--meatballs with lingonberries and mashed potatoes. also, cucumber salad, which incidentally tastes just like my mom's cucumber salad--sweet, vinegary. delicious!

4. i went to THE H&M, the big one on hamngatan, and found that they have all this stuff that i could wear--more conservative, less wacko/trendy... i could shop there for real!! i had given up on H&M in the states (esp. the one in st louis); i'm always like, "Is this a shirt, a dress, a hat?" or "why does the mannequin have that pair of jeans wrapped around her neck like that?" or "is it halloween?"..but here i bought this really cool short trenchy jacket, two pairs of tights (black with subtle small butterflies), a top (that's not like doll-size). there are SO many here, too. stores, i mean. just near my hotel i think there are three.

5. i bought cloudberry deodorant. and i admit i don't even use deodorant. but ~~~CLOUDBERRY! (they were out of the lingonberry deodorant--must be delectable)

(ps. i'm done now with the shopping. today was unexpected. i was meant to go to 35 museums. it was the filippa k. that started it all i think.) (oh and i just read on this other stockholm website that there are 100+ museums in town. i have to come back i guess eh)

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