Sunday, August 23, 2009

conditions are perfect!

yesterday went to rosendal, part of the huge beautiful expanse of djurgården with emi and fam, had the most delicious cookies --made-on-premises from their own grown-there ingredients!--lemon and almond cookies that are so pure lemon-tasting and outta this world.. there's a playground for the kiddies, beautiful flowers everywhere, greenhouse, even a wedding in progress later in the day--magical, magical, beautiful.
the day before i went with emi to pick up her kids and visit her on lidingö, i think that's how you spell...i had an amazing fresh delicious home-cooked meal (my first night! am i lucky or what) prepared by the Incredible Anders, and met emi's photographer friend from childhood in from london with her two adorable (yay, bilingual) kids.
today i must rush now to skansen, the swedish wonderland (fantastic outdoor museum, complete with real "SCANDINAVIAN ANIMALS." i am meeting emi and clan, and i hear the swedish are very punctual!
quick observations from previous 2 days (wait, is that all?) in stockholm:
--the swedes seem to all speak excellent english, very comfortable switching quickly to accomodate silly americans (moi)
--all cafes and even the hotel lobby here seem to have a selection of water, one pitcher with fresh cucumber, one with orange's like a spa everywhere
--tap water is delicious
more later, im going to be late..there is SO MUCH MORE

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