Friday, August 28, 2009

day 1, 9am-ish

my hotel was right down the street from hötorget, open-air market. i got to the hotel around 8:30, the room wasn't ready, so i wandered around in disorganized coffee-search/amazement. it was so pleasant! so not humid! cool, refreshing sunny spring weather--these were taken in stunned disbelief. fresh, clear, beautiful august? it was like a different planet.

down the street is the hotel, on the right side

the little-r cuter blueberries are swedish blueberries

hötorget and sergelgatan. the right side is movie theater.
i had coffee here, i think it was on sveavägen--but there's lots of wayne's coffees around the city so i'm not sure. it's really good. and there really is a wayne; i read it in TimeOut!

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