Friday, August 21, 2009

i äm in stockholm! where the typewriter is different!

i am meeting emi today--yesyes, kids! i have entered the magical blog world of letters to marc jacobs and can u believe in a mere 8 hrs you can suddenly be cool like the scandos? weather is dreamy spring sunshine and i had coffee already at the very swedish sounding "wayne's coffee" near the konserthuset. very very good. coffee shops every where you turn--i must live here. i also had a banana choc. muffin at "muffin bakery" and strolled a graveyard. see, i've been waiting since about 8:30am for my hotel room to be ready...


  1. hows the coffee compare? hello to emi from her stateside friends and fans.

    jealous in west linn

  2. coffee is stronger, sooo good and UBIQUITOUS~~ i didn't bring my laptop so i could bring another pair of unnecessary shoes. so i am using the lobby computer, which is not so luxurious. no chair, people waiting.. but i really can't find much to complain about in general!