Sunday, August 23, 2009

convenience-blogging, swedish-style !

i am at a 7-11-(but better)type place called pressbyrån, using this truly 'blazing fast' internets on a huge mac monitor. what luxury. i am down below in the subway. it rained pretty hard on my journey back from skansen to "home," so i got on the t-bana for one stop! (it is magical swedish rain, however--cuz even tho' i was completely + utterly soaked a tiny while ago, now i am totally dry like my clothes have amnesia. they're probably cleaner now too, ha.

everything closes early on sunday and all the museums (i think there are about 50 at least) are closed mondays so i think my plan for tomorrow is to go forth in pursuit of the royals. i will take a boat out to drottningholm, where the royal fam hides out, apparently. some dump, i'm sure. har.
i also want to go out in search of luxemburgli, which i think are just french macarons. i'll taste-test them against the amazing ones i had in s.f. with JV.
it's sad that i cannot post any pics because i took an extra pair of shoes instead of my notebook. turns out i didnt need 2/3 pairs that i brought, since i am only wearing my 'running' shoes. there is free wireless in the hotel, even in the rooms! and also emi told me you can even bring your laptop to djurgården and type on the grass! stockholm is all wired-up and tech-savvy (not to mention eco-advanced and socially conscientious like u wouldn't believe)--but i am not.
boo. i will now take some winding route back to the hotel, which i must tell you is a favorite with italians. at least this week..
so...arrivederci! sayonara. i mean, hej hej!

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