Thursday, August 6, 2009

celebrating in my own way

don't judge! i ordered this my melody pendant (amazing lucite fine jewelry) from etsy this morning to commemorate my joining a new age bracket(*@$!?). yes, it was extravagant ($4 ). when i was a child (a few yrs ago) i had a my melody calculator, as well as pencil sharpener--i think they've discontinued her, even though she is SO personality-plus. (hello kitty doesn't have HALF the sparkle, charm. i mean, she can't even smile!) actually, i think it was a little twin stars calculator... they're discontinued too, i think. ah, things were better in the OLD DAYS (see, i am sounding older already)!
the shop i ordered this from is closing-out so these trinkets (i mean fine collectibles) are on SALE. i have no idea why, but the shop is called sexualAlgebra. um, no engrish.

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