Thursday, August 27, 2009


at the passports line at o'hare today i am conscious of boy (even in fuzziest jetlag)--cute, blond--behind me who is speaking swedish. i was blurrily thinking as i heard his speedy super swedish, what's he doing in the citizens line? durrr, foreigners..! then i hear him say (this time, in perfect english), "HEY LOOK" aimed in my direction...i turn to see--!!!-- that we have the same exact FJÄLLRÄVEN KÅNKEN (the army-greenish one with red straps that was love at first sight, that spoke directly to ME, loudest of all the siren songs of his colorful kånken siblings)! this guy, he was very friendly--asked me how long i was in stockholm, what i did there, did i go anywhere out of town (i tried to pronounce where emi lives--"lead-ing-UH"--lame!) he had been visiting his family in stockholm. i think he said some other stuff but i was all blurry; i was still marveling at how easily he had switched to college-dude english after i had so confidently pegged him as blond swede misterioso man...
so then after passports, i kept running into him--kinda embarrassing, kinda thrilling, this kismet-seeming experience (seriously weird: i was at the united counter and suddenly he was checking in right next to me..then i saw him again behind me in the security line--and that was after i leisurely goofed off at the duty-free, killing time before my next flight). at one point, though, when we met again--as i was finding out that he lived in the bay area, near where i used to live (wow wow destiny)--he leaned in as i took an inhale and --HOLY--he had the most virulent eye-watering jetlag-blasting B.O.!!!!!!!!!!!
no kånken kismet.

oh! the lady at the arlanda express early this morning (i mean, yesterday morning) gave me an under-25 discount ticket (until i stupidly inquired)--so, you know, there's always some kind of balance..

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